What Is a National Space Society Chapter?

The National Space Society exists because of the membership’s desire to see an aggressive, ambitious space program leading to space settlement.

What activities does a local chapter pursue?

No two chapters are alike. They take on a personality consistent with the talents, interests and availability of local members. Another important factor is the availability of funding and local resources (does your area have a science museum, planetarium, etc?). The broad range of chapter activities includes the following:

  • Sponsoring speakers and films.
  • Forming a Speakers Bureau for use by local civic and school groups.
  • Space Week organization.
  • Appearing on radio and TV shows as “local Space experts.”
  • Visiting local Congressional representatives.
  • Political awareness campaigns (letter writing, etc).
  • Phone Tree organization.
  • Exhibits and Information Booths (at malls, conventions, etc.).
  • Teaching courses (continuing education, etc.).
  • Cosponsoring Explorer Posts, Young Astronaut Chapters or other youth groups.
  • Operating their own chapter website, hosting chats or a Bulletin Board for space information.
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