By J. David Baxter

Peter Milonni was a participant at the August 1997 NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Workshop. He is a scientific researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratories, near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

"CASIMIR EFFECTS: EVIDENCE AND IMPLICATIONS", Peter W. Milonni, August 1997 NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Workshop.

The world, at its most basic level, is a set of interacting quantified fields. Particles are associated with excited states of these fields. Quantified fields, much like the quantified harmonic oscillator, have fluctuations in all states, including a zero-point state of particles, and a spectrum of zero-point-energy exists within that state.

The casimir effect changes the zero-point-energy spectrum, of a quantum field, when boundary conditions are imposed. Also, in non-Euclidean topology. The casimir force grows a thousand times per 1000th of a measurement. Can measure capacitance change in a capacitor connected to the plates.

Field interaction, between two atoms, is due to zero-point-energy changing in the presence of the two atoms. Source fields could be an alternate explanation, but the evidence for zero-point-energy is strong. It is possible to create a zero-point-energy amplifier laser. The casimir effect creates an electric coulomb field.

" RADIATION PRESSURE FROM THE VACUUM: PHYSICAL INTERPRETATION OF THE CASIMIR FORCE", P.W. Milonni, R.J. Cook, M.E. Goggin, Physical Review A, Vol. 38, num. 3, Aug. 1, 1988.

In parallel casimir force plates, the modes outside the plates tend to push the plates together. Modes, confined between the plates, tend to push the plates apart. Radiation pressure is exerted by plane waves incident normally on one of the plates. This pressure is equal to twice the energy per unit volume of the incident field. This is due to perfect reflectivity of the plates.

P=F/A=2E cos (squared) angle, where E represents volume. Modes formed by reflection off the plates act to push the plates apart. Modes outside the plates resonate, as they push the plates together by reflection off the plates. With casimir force per unit area, there are more modes pushing than pulling. In a coil there would have to be an outside pressure on all plate sections.