By J. David Baxter

The following article is based on an article in the Jan./Feb/Mar, published October 12, 1994 issue 13, of Electric Spacecraft Journal, and was compiled and reviewed by editor Charles Yost.

Gravity can be regionally modified around an object. The gravity force, on an object, can be modified through the specific use of electromagnetism.

A mass is placed in a uniform magnetic field, and exposed to pulsed, high frequency microwaves, specifically tuned. The atoms in the mass, realign their nuclear spin orientations. This directly affects the symmetry of the mass gravity field. The mass can lose or gain weight. The gravitational change occurs during electron/nuclear orientation and disorientation transition.

This involves a pulsed dynamic nuclear orientation, with a net magnetic moment. The magnetic field is constant. A greater reduction on Earth's gravitational reduction, on the mass, occurs with driven orientations.

The best element to use is a pure isotope of aluminum. The pulsed electric field, in a constant magnetic field, operates at the Larmor frequency. The process involves a microwave source, FM detector, connected to a lock-in amplifier, and a modulation generator.

The orientation of the aluminum nuclei has a much longer lifetime then its thermal decay. With the creation-annihilation cloud, generated by the Earth, and disorienting of the mass nuclei, occurs at the expense of the mean disordered motion of this cloud. Too fast a flipping of dynamic nuclear orientation, would increase a gravitational field. Although, in outer space, the field could be coupled, to a distant gravitational source, and used for propulsion. Radiation fluctuates in intensity on a subatomic scale.

The observed speed of light is an average of many fluctuation processes. These are random fluctuations. There is no sharp division between field and particle. Matter-energy to one particle is transferred to a second particle. At a fixed magnetic field of 660 Oe, a pulsed oscillation can be applied at 3000 MHz. The pulses of the oscillating field for 2 microseconds, with a duty cycle from 2 to 6 milliseconds.

Iron is embedded in the aluminum, and mixed to make it operational at a higher melting temperature. The ratio of iron to aluminum is 1 to 10.

There is 6.3 times 10 to the 4th power of Joules of gravitational energy at the Earth's surface. Substantial gravitational attraction can be removed in several seconds.