Action to Save Humanity

by Leon Neihouse

The Alpha Space Foundation, President

The world has a very real asteroid-comet impact problem.

Deep reflection reveals that a solution to this problem for all members of the human race is technically possible with no scientific breakthroughs required for its implementation. The requirements are an "early warning" asteroid/comet detection system, an array of space settlements to serve as "life boats" in the event of an Earth collision with a gargantuan asteroid or comet, and a "rapid transit" Earth-to-orbit system that can move Earth’s population into these "life boats" within one year. The only prerequisites for completion are time (a thousand years?) and money (lots of it).

Dependence upon a series of succeeding, charismatic leaders to convince the governments of the world to collectively finance such a project until its completion is almost certainly doomed to failure.

There is a small but finite probability that an alternate route can be taken under which a business network is set up such that funding of this project is an integral part of the design.

The Alpha Space Foundation (ASF) has embarked upon a mission to implement this very approach. For a Test of Concept, ASF will outfit a display stand and move it among Malls in Maine starting sometime between the first of September and the end of November. This display will feature the following:

  1. One color, laminated 32"X36" introductory banner.
  2. Four colored, laminated 11"X17" Posters that describe the asteroid/comet impact problem and a proposed solution.
  3. Fundraising products.
  4. A handout on the Alpha Space Foundation.

The purpose of the display will be to inform the general public on the asteroid/comet impact hazard and the solution proposed above while selling fundraising products and collecting donations. One-half of the money so acquired will be used to expand the display both in Maine and in other states and one-half to support an immediate asteroid detection program.

If successful, this start will be expanded into a franchise network of Alpha Space Product stores, which will be further expanded into a global network of entertainment centers. The general public will be asked to support a 1,000-year construction project by going to these centers and having fun. By this simple act, they will be ensuring the preservation of the human race as well as the safety of their heirs.

If this approach is of interest, ASF will give a Vested Membership with one Vested Vote for anyone who simply visits the web site at, called The Maine Incubator. For membership, simply follow the instructions found by going from ASF to MEMBERS.

What is urgently needed at this time, however, is a comprehensive and detailed review of the web site. I have been evolving this site for eleven months without the benefit of an independent review. I am sure there are many spelling errors, grammar errors, inconsistencies, outright mistakes, some things I said that I should not have said, and some things I should have said that I did not.

ASF will give one Vested Vote for each recommended improvement to the web site that is accepted.

Also on the web site are seven interacting organizations designed to create a source of funding to be used to combat the asteroid/comet impact problem.

I am posting commentaries to an egroup on a periodic basis to discuss the development of this proposed business network. FYI, the most recent commentary is entitled "A FATAL FLAW." (See

This is the last ASF Update. Addressees can visit the web site, review the approach and, if interested, revisit the site on a periodic basis to view new commentaries.

An alternative is to join the egroup at and get automatic emails of the commentaries as they are posted.